(last update:   14 Mar 2012)

The Black Bearons is the name of the University of Maine RC aircraft club. Follow the link to some photos of club activity.

One of the members of the Black Barons (Brian Barainca) has been working on an aircraft to be used in support of bird migration research lead by Rebecca Holberton PhD. The plane has been named The Gannet. Some photos of its first flight are here.

A second plane has been built to test the camera system. Follow the link to some photos of its first flights. The idea is to get some data on how well the camera system works, with the existing hardware, without risking the more expensive (and more build time) plane.

An easy to build, low cost trainer...

The Black Barons needed an easy to build, low cost trainer.

Go here to see how to build one yourself.

Powering an electric plane can get complicated...

A discussion of avionics power for a trainer can be found in Avionics Power. This covers some issues for avionics power used in the U. Maine park flyer class aircraft.