Automobile Section

I own a Volkswagen 2000 Jetta TDI, which is a great vehicle. For those not familiar with the TDI term it stands for Turbo Direct Injection. It is a moniker Volkswagen uses to denote their turbo diesel engined vehicles.

In the USA market diesel engined passenger vehicles have never caught on, and remain difficult to find. This is a shame because modern diesel engine technology, as used by the Volkswagen TDI engines, Isuzu, and many others, is practical, powerful (enough), clean, and can be quite "green" (if you are into that sort of thing).

The Jetta I own is practical because of its fuel economy. I do quite a bit of "city driving" in rural Maine and I don't think I have ever seen less than some 45 mpg, and that's with a fair amount of idling in a cold climate. On the highway 70 mph is a breeze at 50 mpg or more.

Some may argue about the high cost of diesel fuel when using such vehicles. However, Since most vehicles, other than some similarly sized hybrids, get half the fuel economy or less, my fuel cost would need to be twice as much before they would break even. As a result I don't pay much attention to fuel cost.

As of 2009 Volkswagen once again began importing TDI vehicles.

Unfotunately I suffered with an intermittent boost failure for about two years.

Race Car

The Subaru WRX rally racing car I work on needs a launch control system. Here's a means of setting the throttle position for Launch Control using a Subaru cruse control module.

Range Rover

I have a long term restoration/modification project vehicle. It is a 1990 Range Rover County, otherwise known as a Range Rover "Classic".