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15 Dec 2013:

Corrected a bunch of missing links. Be sure to clear your browser's cache if you still see some missing pages or repeat pages.


22 Feb 2014:

Made a direct link in the left menu area to the Amateur Radio section. Added some discussion to the Ten-Tec Corsair 560 repair notes.

Be sure to clear your browser's cache if you don't see that those sections have changed. The changes are not BIG, just added some background.


The material on this web site is based upon reading (references), other knowledgeable people, and my own experience.

I have many references in my book shelf. If you don't then I encourage you to seek references at your local library. While that library may not have "technical" references, they may have access to them or they may have books of a more introductory nature.

Always bare in mind that no one is infallible, certainly not me, and it is always a good idea to seek additional background.

More importantly, there is almost always more than one way to look at something. Often there are several, sometimes many. So... don't get discourage if you "don't get it". It may simply be that you need another way of looking at things. Once you get that perspective, the "light will go on", and you will see what other people are talking about. It pays to be persistent... or get a good nights sleep.

If you find something wrong on this web site, please don't blame or associate my friends, colleagues or the books I read. It's just me overlooking something or "playing fast and loose" with the concepts, and otherwise having a good time exploring the issue.

Also... I have a finite amount of time to work on things. I don't always get back to correct stuff.

Try to think of this web site as a place which might help you to "get your foot in the door". If I succeed in encouraging you to pursue the ideas on your own, I have accomplished what I set out to do.

Below (and to the left) are some links to stuff I spend time on.

Television Antennas

Computer Stuff




For those interested in small scale aircraft, take a look at how to build a "Park Flyer" class trainer.

A Park Flyer class aircraft:

The AMA has a site called Park Pilot, which is dedicated to park flyer type aircraft.

Amateur Radio

What is amateur radio?

SX-42 restoration project.

J-Pole antennas.

Uda-Yagi & "Qaugi" antennas.

Dentron MLA-2500 repair.

Ten-Tec Corsair 560 repair.

Space and Astronomy

Solar System Travel

Since the dawn of the space age, in the late 1950's, it has been difficult to move between the planets in practical amounts of time. Usually flight times are measured in days, sometimes months, and years when the outer planets are considered.

These long flight times have begged the question: "How can we get there faster"?

The answer is with technology different than the technology we currently use. The technology is not science fiction, it is just different than the solely chemical based rocket engines we currently are using.

And, of coarse, practical designs have been kicked around since the 1960's.

But how might such technology be used? The link below offers some ideas...

Practical Solar System Travel.